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I'm Kat, and this is Kat Makes.

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I'm an American currently living my best life in New Zealand. I learned to sew from my mom before I could run, and I've been going hard, fast, and obsessive ever since.  I’ve run an etsy shop making knitting bags, made my own wedding dress, and my wardrobe is now nearly 100% handmade (still working on shoes!). In addition to making, I also teach sewing and embroidery - all current classes are listed under the ‘shop’ tab.

I began blogging as a class assignment in 2011, and I ended up finding more entertainment in sharing my weekend sewing projects than my homework! You can check out my projects for links to past make-posts, or browse categories for specific types of projects.

My current goal for this space is to create a record of my projects, as well as share knowledge from my experiences (so you can avoid my mistakes!) and most importantly - to make friends with similar sewing/knitting/world domination interests! If you have a question/want to commiserate over natural fibers and old sewing machines, I'm chillin' at katherine.klebenow@gmail.com

The Blog

Come check out all my latest obsessions! Or if you're particularly bored- scroll into the deep, dark, depths of the blog archive!

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My Wedding Dress

From inception to completion. We're not there yet, but I'll update this blog with progress so you can see the making of the dress!


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